Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Songs From Bands You Don't Like

Sorry to interupt the Dave Grohl(s) spooge fest, but I have a couple of songs that I like, but I'm sure the group won't like. (I had to add the "s" to his name b/c everyone seems to add it, which pisses me off)

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
I know that FPMKE has heard Grizz and didn't like it, but give it another shot, it's really growing on me.

Levon Helm - Tennessee Jed
He's a member of "The Band" who recovered from throat cancer a couple years ago. His first album back (Dirt Farmer) was a classic and his new offering (Electric Dirt) is quite good as well. Dude's like 80 and smokes my weight in bud every month.


FPMKE said...

Grizzly Bear is growing on me. I'm not sure I like them enough to spontaneously combust though.

Devil's Threesome said...

They are certainly a several listen band. I didn't like them either, but they've grown on me.

Switching gears, remember when I liked Wilco? Their new album is meh-tastic.

FPMKE said...

I may have to download the whole Grizzly album and see how it listens at the office. My cousin wants me to go see them at the Metro in September but it's a Sunday night show and I don't want to drag ass all week for something I'm not sold on. On that note, I'm going to drag ass all week after the U2 show (also a Sunday) but I've never seen them before and it's something to check off on my list. Kind of like that Wrigley rooftop that I sat on to "see" Billy Joel and Elton John (that's 3 checks... extremely belated review to follow).

I will go on record as possibly being the only person in the world who does not like Wilco. I think the only song I have on my ipod is "Heavy Metal Drummer".

Rubie Q said...

I saw Wilco in concert once. There is one, hypenated word that best describes the experience: "Self-indulgent."

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Grizzly Bear - I kind of get it and I kind of don't. There was something about this band that I feel I should like, but that video is just way too creepy to figure out what that is.

Levon Helm - A very solid song. I was entertained from the word go. My favorite part was the blonde back-up singer who appeared to be having some rhythm problems. She got on track with her hip slapping a couple times, but otherwise she was white as could be. She is the one next to the guitarist.

The horns sounded cool.

Devil's Threesome said...

Rubes - that was the worst show ever, but I wouldn't call it self-indulgent, it was more apathetic. Wilco is VERY hit and miss in concert. They shredded the Rave in 2002. Don't listen to the first song of their new album if you thought that concert was self-indulgent. It's about how Wilco loves their fans, pretty unbearable.

Rubie Q said...

"Apathetic" is a good word for that concert. "Hung over" also comes to mind.