Thursday, July 30, 2009

Billy Joel & Elton John

So, I was able to score a free rooftop ticket to "see" Billy Joel & Elton John at Wrigley Field. I'll start with the fact that while I respect and admire both of them for what they have managed to contribute to the music industry, I would not buy a ticket to see them and I considered it an opportunity to mark two legendary musicians off of my checklist. Plus, since the Badger-lady was invited by a vendor we got free tickets, free food, and free booze on the rooftop.

My only complaint is that (as pictured) we ended up behind the stage a bit. Admittedly, it was still really cool to be able to see how crazy a concert crowd could get at Wrigley and to be able to hear both Billy Joel and Elton clearly. I saw the Police from inside Wrigley and it was awesome but to be able to see the crowd from a rooftop was a real experience. Plus, free food and free booze.
In summation of the concert, Billy and Elton put on a great show. I was very excited when "Rocket Man" was played and found it rather amusing when one dude on the roof repeatedly explained how pissed he was that he missed "Rocket Man" due to some work-related mingling. I actually ended up being able to see Elton leaving the show from an exit in right field; he was wearing an Adidas track suit... classic.

As for the rooftop experience... I've always wanted to do one for a game. I'll say that the food, booze, and access to a bathroom were all key; however, the view for a game would totally suck . Once people get set up in the bleachers you would have zero chance of seeing any action in the outfield. Unless the total package was less than $100 (or the game was sold out and this was your best/only option), I would not suggest doing it.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Is the stage on the bleachers? If so, I think that would be a horrible atmosphere. There is no way to interact with the crowd.

FPMKE said...

No, the stage is in center on the field.

Devil's Threesome said...

Let's take a venue who's only redeeming value is that it has some baseball history. Next, let's put a concert in the middle of the field, far away from the fans and then make said fans endure the piss troughs and crumbling infrastructure of the stadium. Yeah, that sounds like a great deal!