Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's see what this does... testing... David Letterman extortion... test

Va Jay Jay, could you add me to Google Analytics on this blog?

Rubie... David Letterman, American Idol, Quevedo Day, Queef, Badgers, Minnesota, Favre, Tenacious D, extortion, midget pron.

If you've been linked to this by accident, THIS IS ONLY A TEST.

No More Sexiling

I'm sure Kirby (Is he around? Or is he still pouting about voting himself off of the Buffet?) and Gunt will appreciate this one; Tufts University has issued a policy banning "sexiling" as well as engaging in sexual activities while a roommate is present.

Just imagine what could have become of our group if Kirby hadn't come home to Black Kevin banging some chick tantra-style on a regular basis or if Fucking Bo hadn't had Easy-K around. Oh, the possibilities.

I'm still bitter at Benihana for bringing that annoying dance team chick, Death, back to the room multiple times to "study".